Nano Ceramic Coating


Even the best of marine equipment will oxidize under the salty air and sun. CeramicDNA™ proprietary product line will prevent premature aging on your vessel making wash-downs a snap! Whether it’s a new boat, with glossy new surfaces, or you’re regenerating an older vessel and want long-term protection, the CeramicDNA™ products are guaranteed to provide the ultimate in protection and shine for your marine interiors and exteriors.

Nano Ceramic Coating


Every one of your vehicles deserves the best protection on the market. CeramicDNA™’s ceramic coating products offer the absolute best and latest nano-technology to protect the interiors and exteriors of some of the world’s finest luxury and vintage cars, so you can rest easy. Our products provide a 100% resistant barrier against the external environment, from rain, sleet or snow, to dust and exhaust, to gravel and sand, to oxidizing and corrosive elements, your vehicle will stay glossy and protected. Let CeramicDNA™ provide a stealthy, protective shield around your most prized vehicle.

Control The Clean.

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